Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

How to decorate home at Easter

Easter is one of the festivals held throughout the year. Normally for Easter you usually have guests in your House, whether relatives or friends that a long time ago that not you see and that you want to share with them a meal, a supper. Therefore you must decorate your classic home design at Easter in a way that everyone live the party and feels the most comfortable possible.

It gives light to your home
Easter is a lively holiday, family, friends, a party where you can feel joy, therefore to that your home will be illuminated and spacious space. Lifts curtains so they enter the Sun's rays, open the windows for fresh air and prepares a really nice table for this special day.

It gives a fresh touch to your home
You should try to decorate your home in such a way that breathes a fresh and cheerful atmosphere. Why try putting flowers and plants in your dining room, pon porcelain figurines and other accessories such as cushions, rugs, try to always use pastel colors.

Special accessories
If you want to surprise your guests can put baskets with sweets or chocolates. Baskets to tie them on each of the chairs, get a big bow of silk of various colors for that joy to the meal. You will see the face of surprise your guests, putting above all lovers of sweets.

The tableware
Remember that Easter is a special occasion and therefore you have to use the dishes you have for these occasions. To give an elegant touch to your dishes covered with linen napkins and above can place you a radish tied with raffia.

The center of table
As Center table, and in the case of Easter, where you know that eggs are the life of the party, you can put a source with a couple of leaves of cabbage or lettuce, and above them you can put a few eggs. You'll see how you surprise your guests.

Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

How to Decorate Hall of a House

How to decorate the hall of a house - The hall is the first room we encountered upon entering a home and style prelude environments we see in other areas. It is a passage that welcomes us and defines our first impression, so it is important to notice the decor and strive to create a space that is simple, but nice and cozy at the same time. In the following article we show some useful tips that can help in the task of decorating the hall of a house.


Many colors you can choose to paint the walls of a hall, but when dealing with spaces that usually have smaller dimensions are more suitable and flattering light, neutral tones. Shades of beige, cream, stones and even the classic white are good choices to bring light and life to fill the space. The touch of color can contribute it, as seen in the image, through the decorative elements you select.

In order not to create a space too ornate in decoration receivers ideally opt for simplicity and functionality. It is especially important that the environment is under clear, because we provide the inlet passage and not hinder it with many items or decorative objects. Ideally, buy furniture with measures that are appropriate to the dimensions of space and choose those basic and essential elements.

Focusing on the furniture to decorate a hall, work fine furniture like dressers with drawers that can serve as a surface for placing other decorative elements and even to save some belongings. Modern chairs as seating or a small bank are also attractive options that can be very handy when entertaining. In the furniture stores you'll find furniture (modern, rustic, vintage, minimalist, etc.) very different designs, choose the one you like, that fits your needs and go according to your lifestyle.